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Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum

Field Trip Request Form

Every effort is taken to ensure school groups receive guided tours of the exhibits and grounds. However, the program for guides is volunteer based and a volunteer may not be available for your tour. Please be prepared to lead your group through the museum galleries, School Field Trip Guide.

School tours normally last 3 3/4 hours and typically include:

  • 1-hour tour in the Museum
  • 1-hour tour of the National Historic Site
  • 30-minute film on the life of Herbert Hoover
  • 15-minute visit to the grave-site of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover
  • 15-minute visit to the Museum gift shop
  • 45-minutes for lunch in a picnic shelter

There is also an optional 30-minute self-guided Prairie Walk on the historic site's 81-acre tall-grass prairie. The trail ends at Hoover's grave-site, so this option would be in lieu of the standard 15-minute grave-site visit.

You may choose to participate in all of these activities, or omit any based on your preference or time constraints.

School Group Admission Policy:  Teacher and students are free.  One chaperon for every 10 students will be granted free admission.  Any chaperons exceeding the 10 to 1 ratio must pay full admission.
Home School:  One adult per family will be granted free admission, if the group schedules in advance.  All other adults in the group must pay full admission. 

School Field Trip Guide

A copy of the School Field Trip Guide to the Museum is available for download. Arrange your school tour by calling 319-643-6027 or emailing the Education Department. We will contact you to confirm your date, and send confirmation packets in advance of your visit.

NOTE: April-May and September-October are our busiest months for school tours. Please schedule early in the year to ensure your preferred date and time are available.

Field Trip Request Form

School bus
The Bus Travel Grant Program is available to assist schools in their endeavor to visit the Herbert Hoover Library-Museum and National Historic Site. This grant is offered by the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association.

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